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Know the 3 Impact Levels of Sports Bras

Embrace your workout style as A new style with 3 impact levels!

Are you looking for an extra dose of confidence during a workout? Let's explore the sports bra features according to your activity. It is an integral part to choose the right active bra for the right activity.

Fitness bra is an amazing workout wear that keeps you active throughout the workout session. You must wear a sports bra for exercise because it offers support, fit and ultra comfort. The level of support depends on the activity you do. Shopping for the right sports bra is always very challenging.

Sports bras have three impact levels to provide adequate support. The three levels are

1. High impact
2. Medium impact
3. Low impact

1. High Impact Sports Bra

Hunting to get the best sports bra? High impact sports bras are constructed for high-intensity activities that involve bouncing. A perfect pick for those with larger breasts offers extreme support with no-bounce fit during physical activity. It is commonly crafted with a high level of compression and offers a snug fit, support in straps and the bottom band. This sports bra holds the breast in place during your toughest workouts.

If you are the person who indulges in jumping rope, sprinting, cartwheeling, running, jumping or any high-intensity workouts then this is a perfect choice. Whatever the size and shape you are blessed with, choose high impact sports bra because every breast needs support at the right level.

2. Medium Impact Sports Bra

Medium impact sports bra is a step ahead from low-impact. It is designed to support you throughout your activities which are slightly more intense. Medium impact bras are good for skiing, Zumba, golf, hiking, cycling, and martial arts. This bra is made of moisture-wicking cups, tailored with underwire to offer extra support to breasts individually.

3. Low Impact Sports Bra

Looking for a bra to stretch on the mat in ultra-comfort? Low impact sports bra is perfect for activities such as yoga and walking. Low impact activity has minimal bounce and offers the slightest level of support during workout. This yoga bra is best for comfort rather than support. The cup size from A-D can be worn for low-impact activities.

The Three Impact Level of Sports Bra Has-

1. It offers support to the bust and banishes the bounce completely.

2. The purpose of a sports bra is to provide extreme comfort, that's why it is designed with adjustable straps, moisture-wicking material, encapsulation, and compression.

3. Sports bra comes in many styles. You can wear it alone or pair it with a shirt or tank top. You hit the right look.

Importance of Wearing 3 Impact Levels of Sports Bra

If you find the right impact level of sports bra according to your activity then it will work better for your body! Impact level defines the level of support you may get during the workout sessions.

1. Sports bra for exercise minimizes the breast movements.

2. It prevents premature breast sagging, chafing, and rubbing.

3. It regulates sweating and temperature under control.

4. It also reduces breast pain and discomfort.