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Sports bra for every type of body activity and Exercise for Women

Why to use sports bra?

The basic function of a sports bra is to prevent bouncing of the breasts during workouts. Normal bras are not able to give the essential support and compression needed for heavy activities. Your breasts are soft and delicate as they’re made up of soft tissues, ligaments and fat glands and not muscles. Any kind of workout that involves movement of the body moves your breasts up and down and from side to side if you don’t wear a bra. Normal bras give support while you carry on with your regular activities. But jogging, walking, skipping and gym workouts need sports bra to keep your breasts intact without damage. Not wearing a bra for the type of activity will make your breasts lose elasticity causing them develop cellulitis. I hope that gives some clarity on why to use sports bra.

How to choose right sports bra?

How to choose right sports bra depends on your body, type of activity and the exercise you have planned to do.

How to choose perfect sports bra?

How to choose perfect sports bra purely depends on the type of activity and exercise you are going to do in your exercise routine. There are three types of sports bras.

1. Low impact sports bras - give low compression and provide free movement of the upper body. You can wear them during low intensity workouts like walking and yoga they are also good for regular activities like cleaning, vacuuming and gardening etc. They can also be worn as a style statement under low neck tops and shirts.

2. Medium impact sports bras - these are designed to give average compression to your breasts and moderate hold. They also prevent your breast spillage during workouts. These can be worn during hiking, cross fit and jogging. A medium impact bra is the best sports bra for every type of body.

3. High impact sports bras - these bras are designed to give optimum compression and hold needed for running and HIIT workouts. A high impact bra is the best sports bra for every activity as it covers all kinds of activities.

How to choose the correct sports bra for body type

How to choose the correct sports bra is still a puzzle for many women as the sizing is not as for regular bras.

Best sports bra for every type of body

1. For slender women with small breasts, sports bra with size S will fit perfectly. They may also go for XS depending on the brand. Also low and medium impact bras are great choices.

2. Women with heavy breasts can choose sports bras with removable pads for convenience and usually high impact sports bra will give the extra support needed for busty women.

That being said, its your body that decides what type of sports bra is correct for you. Anything which causes pain and discomfort warrants a change in the type of sports bra you wear keeping in mind the kind of workout you do!